Sangre Verde Spirits
The Essence of Oaxaca

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Nature’s Crafted Elixir

Embark on a sensory journey with Tobalá, a mezcal that encapsulates the wild spirit of the Tobalá agave. With its delicate balance of earthy and fruity notes, it’s an experience that lingers.


Oaxaca’s Agave Artistry

Dive deep into the rich layers of the Espadín mezcal. Harmonizing earthy foundations with gentle fruit undertones, Espadín is a masterful blend of intensity and finesse.


Tropical Temptation

Piña offers a unique twist to traditional mezcal with the infusion of pineapples. The result? A harmonious dance of smoky mezcal and tropical freshness.

From Agave to Glass
Sangre Verde's Signature Cocktail Creations